2022 rural video competition winners

For over 15 years, the Ulladulla Medical Clinic has been actively training GP registrars. The practice has a good depth of experience and Dr Tait, Dr Rothe, Dr Charles, Dr Allan, Dr Wall and Dr Smoliar are involved in GP training.

In 2009 our practice became involved with the University of Wollongong Graduate School of Medicine. Since then the doctors have been helping to train Medical Students in their final year of Medicine. The Medical Students are attached to our practice for 12 months as part of their studies, where they are able to gain hands on, practical experience, in general practice.

Recently, the Ulladulla Medical Clinic and Ulladulla Endoscopy entered a video competition with GP Synergy, the organisation which trains GPs in NSW, to encourage GPs to consider Ulladulla as a place to work.

This video features two of our current GPs and their association with the Ulladulla Medical Clinic.

Dr Alla Smolia is one of our female GPs. Dr Smoliar started with the Ulladulla Medical Clinic as a GP registrar and then decided to settle permanently in Ulladulla a few years after completing her training.

Dr Steve Davis came to the Ulladulla Medical Clinic as a Phase 3 Medical Student through the University of Wollongong. He has returned to the practice as a GP.